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A poetic meeting in the moonlight

The Way Back Home

Theatre Du Jeu de Pomme & Forman Brothers Theatre: Aladdin

Strings of Music

The Whale’s Song

A True Tall Tale

Opera Opaque

Clowns Houses


Open House

Opening Night

Paper Moon

Comedy in Florence

The Ice Blue Song

About the Lamb that Fell From the Sky

In the Blue Mountain

Circus Funestus

Goodbye Mr. Muffin


The Magic Flute


Ebbe Skammelsøn

How not to be eaten

The Gramophone Show

The King

Georges Méliès Last Trick

How Lovely

Puppetry Workshop

Backstage Talk Tayuan Puppettheatre Company, Taiwan

Backstage Talk Joachim Torbahn og Tristan Vogt, Thalias Kompagnons, The Magic Flute

Back Stage Talk José Babin: Threads

An Attic full of Puppets

Gerda’s Way

Mary and Max

Obsessed with Apples

Researching animation theatre: ’A tribute to the voice of objects’

Puppet Theatre from Mali

Festival of Wonder 5. – 8. november 2015