Teatret Månegøgl:
The Ice Blue Song

The white snow glitters in the sun as far as you can see.

Right now all is quiet. The only thing we hear is the blowing of the wind and the crackling of the ice bergs.

From far away we hear a song, as if it is coming from the deapths of the ocean. What is it saying and where is it coming from?

In our search for the song, we travel over the great white land, in which the polar bear slowly moves, the curious seal swims around, and stories from the past are told during long dark nights.

The Ice Blue Song is a poetic, musical performance inspired by the nature and mythology of Greenland.

Director: Torkild Lindebjerg. Scenography: Kirsten Victoria Lind. Consultant: Peter Hesse Overgaard. Actor: Hanne Trolle. Author: Hanne Trolle. Composer: Irene Becker.

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[service_box title=”Information” icon=”no” text=”Age: 2-8 years
Language: Danish
Price: 40 kr.
Duration: 35 min.” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self”]


Festival of Wonder 5. – 8. november 2015